"Where Glass Comes To Life"

quote- Melissa Contover

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Providence Open Market

Have tent, will travel.

My first outdoor show of the season was Saturday  in Providence, RI.  They host it Saturday's until some time in the fall at Lippitt Memorial Park. 

I was eager to debut a new design for my jewelry; I have been saving any scrap from my glass rods, less than perfect pieces, and those sad broken casualties from my clumsy mishandling.  ( I once kicked an entire tray of Ladybug Sculptures and the carnage was unbelievable.... I almost cried.)  I spent some time assembling and melting this material, added some dichroic and presto!  Pendants!

I like the random element that is created by using bits of other pieces, no two will ever be alike and by being able to do this, I will no longer feel so heartbroken when I break something. It will gain new life in the jewelry department.  When I am working out a new design on my bench, there is always a period of creating some horribly wonky ones until I find the balance and line that works for that particular piece, now these too will be re-imagined as well.

(at this point I feel I should apologize for the shadow in this photo...I did a quick job of taking pictures at about 3:30 am as I was packing up.... don't ask....)

Now armed with the new display that I worked out going to SoWa Art Walk (was that really only two weeks ago?) and some new work to offer,
 I left at 6:30 am to make my 8:15 set up time.

I started on a good note by making my first sale as I was still setting up.  The foot traffic stayed steady the whole day!  Two of the highlights I want to share with this blog are here:

ZDiG blog friends, meet Max, Max, ZDiG blog friends.  Max sat 
like this as I did a transaction with his owner, and kept creeping 
forward on his belly like this, tail beating 
furiously back and forth
the entire time.  What a fun dog.

This is one pug ugly kid.  Wait... it is a pug.
The photo says more than I can say.  I did note that there was no child anywhere that I could see.  Too fun.

My neighbor at this show was another glass blower!  RI artist Neal Drobnis set up and had available some amazing pieces.

I wanted to get more details on how he created this piece (as we were both busy with customers it was hard to keep talking shop...), I do know that he used a sand-cast mold to blow into to create the main bowl shape, and it looks as if he assembled the rest of the elements together hot.  I can tell you this, the man clearly has wrists and forearms made of iron!  That is a LOT of glass to keep on the end of a punty.  You can check out more of Neal and his work at www.nealdrobins.com.

There was another glass artist set up just a few tents away.  Jennifer Goodale works primarily with borosilicate flameworking but has a range and experience in furnace work as well.  She is a part of a new studio in Acton, MA, and is a place I feel quite certain I will be visiting before long.  You can find information about it at www.newcreationglassworks.com.  I enjoyed speaking with her and enjoyed the work she had on offer.
So here it is Monday, June 1.  I'm already well into the needs for this week!  I am catching up on stock in general, working on an order that is going to Blue Cloud Gallery in Somerville (so happy to be showing my work there.... I need to send them some green frogs and flying pigs... I never seem to have enough of those.  Good problem to have), and am looking to setting up for June's Open Studio on Saturday.

Steady as she goes....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I have friends who have been or are still in the military,  and have been deployed to all sorts of hairy, scary and intense places in the world.  I do not always share political or philosophical opinions, but I am proud we have always been able to meet in some way, on some level, and managed to feel the respect of real friendship.  

Some have said to me that this is what makes  America and Americans so great.  I would like to take this further and say that this is what makes being an awake and aware Human so great.  

So, to all Spiritual Warriors, anyone standing for their honesty and integrity; I salute you.

Honestly... could you pass me that hot dog?  Is that spicy mustard?  Oh and I most certainly want another helping of that potato salad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SoWa Art Walk 2009

Thank you to all that stopped by and helped make the weekend fun!

My show season has begun.  I managed to stuff the car with all my display and all my work, set up and tear down with no major issues (like the time last season I set up only to discover I had left my cash box at the studio.... Heather Wang is an ANGEL.. she split her cash with me that day) and even had the chance to walk about and enjoy the proceedings.
Here are some of the photos I took along the way.

The fore mentioned Heather Wang with her beautiful jewelry and her bright, shining smile :)

Another beautiful person with a beautiful smile ...

Liz Smith of Made in Lowell... (I have great friends and a lot of them are Western Avenue Studio Artists)
When I visited her she had a number of visitors enthralled by her felting demo.
The Skiing Weaver herself; Kristin Kelly.   I am constantly impressed by her quality of work and the caring, intelligent person she is in all circumstance.

 Liz Stewart, owner of Lush Beads.  Liz to me is an enabler to my bead
addiction.  I love making beads.  Liz is surrounded by beads.  How could 
I not find an understanding soul in her.  That and she is wicked funny.
a great combination.

Art by Verde; Vicki Green.

Dare I say it... A woman I have had a crush on since I met her.  It may have something to do with the fact that I want to put her art everywhere I can
 in my living space.  That and she is very cool.   I say this at the risk of incurring the wrath of The Doctor of Manliness himself, Bill Green.  I live with the hope that my previous statement can be mitigated by the fact that, he is my only man crush I am willing to reveal.  Only the truly knowing can know of what I speak.  Here we have a rare photo of the D.O.M.  meditating on a tome of supreme knowledge and weight, creating a cone of great density that makes all around him question their integrity.

I shared a space with Candace, the Etsy Queen.  Her work as the Intuitive Garden is elegant, very unique.  I have never seen work like hers, a lot of it one of a kind jewelry not to be missed.    She and her husband Matt were wonderful company.   I was pleased to get some advice about my intended Etsy site and found she was a fount of knowledge.  Her display and range of items are very inspiring.   
It is at this point I must appeal to the reader to forgive any blurry photography.  I AM A GLASS ARTIST, not a photographer!  In a desire to communicate myself to those interested in my work and inner workings, I pledge to improve this skill, but I urge the reader to have patience with me.

I look forward to what lies ahead.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ikea Quest

True Statement!

I am forty years old and I have never been to Ikea.... until yesterday.

What I believed to be a simple expedition to pick up a couple display items in preparation for this weekend's show, became a trip down the rabbit hole; a kaleidoscope of conflicting thoughts and feelings and a deep inner struggle with my very soul... and wallet.

Oh the lights!  mmmmm.... the display I could create, I was transported by the desire to light my table in a manner that even the band Great White would consider overkill.  And then I would transform my studio space... I would never want to leave.... (well, to be honest, most days I feel like that anyway, but oh....) the majesty of its vision left me staring vacantly, blankly creating a human sandbar in the aisle around which the river of college students, gay couples and surprisingly young looking yuppie Moms with cadillac strollers had to flow around.

My only defense is that I  have spent ten years of my life away from my native United States of America, living on a small island nation, where such a place was only a fable told to envious consumers.  I like to think my state of being was in part, a lingering culture shock, an over saturation of my vulnerable senses unused to the intense exposure.  Who knows, I will leave that for the psychiatrists to work out.

 So here I am, decidedly weakened by our Chinese Overlords offerings.  I can't help but realize that Tyler Durden would leave me on the porch forever for being so enchanted.

My only solace is I had the self-control to walk away only eighty dollars lighter.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome Sign

Welcome to the beginning of my blog.

SoWa Art Walk is imminent!  Friday is load-in and I'm still pulling bits together for my display.

The Show is on.

I've added more jewelry items and reduced my space to a single table, allowing me to make a good showcase, have some room for ornaments and earrings and there ya go.

Last year I attended this show and did quite well, I enjoyed myself a great deal and got some great ideas that I am now working with.  

The Stage is set.

Am I blowing proportions of expectation into my weekend that will only naturally lead to a wicked headache?

Not really, in truth there is nothing to lose by being at the SoWa Art Walk group space for there was no table fee to pay!  

Another reason I think this is a good show.  

I will see about posting some photos along the way, tomorrow looks to hold a day of last minute display items and very little time behind the flame, so I am sure I can find a time or two to take a shot.

I will share what it looks like from behind my shield and in front of the flame.  Glass enthusiasts are welcome and so are friends!