"Where Glass Comes To Life"

quote- Melissa Contover

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This project is FULL of VICTORY.

Deep into new lands this Winter Quarter/Beginning of Spring.

Picked up a bookkeeping position at the Loading Dock Gallery January 1.  Becoming familiar with strange think called.... Excel.   Since it does not have flames shooting from it, I have not logged much time with it up until  now in my life.  Found myself in Learning Curve City ....... accompanied by a modest amount of screaming at my computer.  Things are improving none the less.

Another block in Learning Curve City is  ...   Product Photography.  I am proficient in having work finished and available, but if no one sees it, it likely will not sell.  I am balancing time producing to make current orders with making time to get the right shots, for the right PR, of the right pieces ... to keep baiting my hook for new orders.  Oh yeah and eating breakfast.  It has been cold in New England this year.  Cold.  Not my thing.

Purple and Cobalt Jack in the Pulpit, Feb. 2011.  I have Jeffery Engel of Engelfoto to thank for this.  He is in studio A204 at Western Avenue Studios.

More to come.