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quote- Melissa Contover

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kitten Therapy

In the last week I've made an effort to keep up with my various commitments and yet give myself a little room to rest and recuperate, thus forestalling an extreme event; say, falling face first into my flame due to exhaustion, or perhaps needing to be coaxed down from some downtown building as I fight maniacally with a cleaning mop. I am happy to say I feel more rested and refreshed, and no rescue agency has been bothered with any need for a swat team. Some of this is due to a happy event around my girlfriend's house.

Lyn Brown is, besides being artist/owner of Paper Wasp Design, a caretaker of a feral cat colony in her backyard in Somerville, MA. Besides food, she provides winter shelters, shots and in some cases euthanasia when necessary. She participates in a TNR (trap, neuter, and release) program with Charles River Alleycats which also provide rabies shots. I am very impressed and amazed that she manages this all while being a self-employed artist like myself. Last week there was a feral cat momma found in Medford, MA I believe, with five young kittens. A good person who was familiar with what Lyn does for these kinds of cats brought mommy and her brood to Lyn's house while adoptions can be arranged.

Who can stay stressed when you get to spend time with these little faces?

The note I wish to leave this post on (just so you don't think I've gone too super mushy):
This photo is of the kitten temporarily nicknamed Biscuit sinking his sharp little fangs into my toe.


  1. Oh, such sweeties! And so glad you've taking some time to recuperate... Kitten therapy indeed. And good for Lyn, what a fantastic thing to do! I wish we could adopt one of the kittens (I'm such a sucker)... We already have two adopted shelter-kitties, though, and just found out that old man Iko may live until he's 20! (He's 16-ish now and has thyroid disease - but supposedly cats with controlled thyroid disease live a really long time, who knew!)

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