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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whistler House Museum Distinguished Artist Award 2010

Sunday October 17 was the presentation dinner for the Whistler House Museum Distinguished Artist Award, given this year to the renowned Mico Kaufman.  It was my honor (seriously, how did this happen?) to be commissioned to create the trophy.

The Whistler House Museum is the oldest incorporated Arts organization in the country and is right here in Lowell, MA.  As a commission piece, this was an extremely rewarding effort.  This was a fantastic opportunity for me to really get into a particularly New England aesthetic.  The board of directors wanted me to develop my own vision of the piece with the only requirements being to match the grey, black and white color scheme found in “Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1: Portrait of the Artist’s Mother”.  Taking this idea, I had in mind a force of nature, say a hurricane or a galaxy, a force that seems to be present in Mico's work and life. 
The evening for me included meeting and getting to know people who have not seen my work up until then, schmoozing and then eating, without question, the best meal I have had all month. 

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