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quote- Melissa Contover

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome Sign

Welcome to the beginning of my blog.

SoWa Art Walk is imminent!  Friday is load-in and I'm still pulling bits together for my display.

The Show is on.

I've added more jewelry items and reduced my space to a single table, allowing me to make a good showcase, have some room for ornaments and earrings and there ya go.

Last year I attended this show and did quite well, I enjoyed myself a great deal and got some great ideas that I am now working with.  

The Stage is set.

Am I blowing proportions of expectation into my weekend that will only naturally lead to a wicked headache?

Not really, in truth there is nothing to lose by being at the SoWa Art Walk group space for there was no table fee to pay!  

Another reason I think this is a good show.  

I will see about posting some photos along the way, tomorrow looks to hold a day of last minute display items and very little time behind the flame, so I am sure I can find a time or two to take a shot.

I will share what it looks like from behind my shield and in front of the flame.  Glass enthusiasts are welcome and so are friends!



  1. Hope my table is near you! Looking forward to this show but also nervous! Welcome to the world of blogging Peter!

  2. Hey, Peter! Welcome to blogging! Hope we all manage to set up close together...

  3. Great blog. I look forward to checking in on what's new as well as your wonderful glass work.