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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Glass Oops of the week

Hello all,

The work is going well these days, I am keeping up on current designs that are selling, I am developing new promising designs, and I am teaching more bead lessons as the word spreads.

One of the new designs that I am getting a good response from is single color hoop earrings.  As I develop this piece, I have tried several ways to finish them with a fire polish in the kiln.  This has proven tricky; how much heat do I need to do the fire polish without losing the shape I have already created.

That question being asked, this is what I was greeted by when I opened the kiln after my last test.


Of course what this has done is make me wonder if I can't maybe control this effect more and add a kind of tear drop hoop earring as ANOTHER piece for me to keep up on.  Hmm...cool.

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