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Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh the carnage!

I am deep into production of those designs I should always have a quantity of.  Based on my last years figures, lizards are near the top of the list.  I had been trucking along for some time on simpler designs like the turtle, knowing I wanted to get going and have some success to look on without a lot of breakage.  Lizards are a trial.  My lizard design requires mental fortitude and deep concentration.  I simply refuse to take a short cut and am very picky about it sitting level and having the graceful curve and perky look I love.

This is the devastation in my scrap bucket from my latest attempts. 

Every lizard that makes it is a victory.

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  1. "Every lizard that makes it is a victory" YOU HAVE TO MAKE TEE SHIRTS WITH THIS ON IT. Its my new moto